Text Box: All our products are available in catering form. We already supply our products in catering form to many caterers ,

From :     fish & chip shops to mobile snack vans
                School canteen to factory canteens
                restaurants to take-aways
                pubs  to clubs

Please see below for our catering products.

Chinese Curry Sauce Mix  in :    20 kg  catering tub,    4.5 kg  catering tub,     660g  catering packet


Chinese Gravy Sauce Mix in :     20 kg catering tub ,     4 kg catering tub

       Orange Sauce              Lemon Sauce             Sweet & Sour Sauce


                                     In   5 litre  or   2.5 litre   catering  drum

Chinese                                  in 6 kg tub   ( marinade 60 kg of spare-ribs )  

Barbecue Sauce                        3 kg tub   ( marinade 30 kg of spare-ribs )